Drug Treatment Centers in Florida

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can often be devastating to not only the addict, but to the addicts family and friends as well. Most of the time, addiction is too tough a fight for someone to take on all by themselves. Drug treatment centers in Florida can be that helping hand than an addict needs.

The damage that is done by addiction to a persons relationships with their loved ones, and the damage it has doneDrug Treatment Centers in Florida to their career can be repaired. Florida drug rehabs will not only help with rehabilitation from the addiction to drugs, but will help rehabilitate these bonds as well.

Most drug rehabilitation centers in Florida follow a similar system of rehabilitation. This system includes a full detoxification as the first step, followed by staying at a residential drug treatment facility, and finishing the treatment with living in a halfway house or a sober living facility. By taking multiple gradual steps towards recovery, it is easier for the addict to stay on the path to recovery.


The detoxification piece of the treatment can last anywhere from three to ten days. The point of the detox phase is to rid the addict of physical addictions and do so in an environment where the addict is safe and as comfortable as possible. One of the things that can be the toughest for an addict is the fear of dealing with withdrawal. While withdrawal can be awful to have to go through during detoxification, drug treatment centers in Florida can assist with that pain. With guided use of medications, medication can be very effective in aiding with withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Drug Rehab

After working through detox, the nest step in the process is participating in residential drug rehab. When an individual goes into a residential program they will benefit from both group and individual counseling. These therapy sessions can be extremely beneficial in working through whatever the reasons may be that the individual became an addict to begin with. It can also help in the repair of relationships that were damaged by addiction and provides tools to the individuals that they can use to live a healthy addiction free life. Drug treatment centers in Florida also offer counseling in regards to any legal or career issues the addict may be having. Many centers also offer programs to help the loved ones deal with the recovery as well.

Sober Living Facilities

The last stage of this system is for addicts is to enter a halfway house or sober living community of some sort. These types of communities provide an environment where the recovering individual will receive support and inspiration from the community. In these communities, residents are required to take drug tests, and continue counseling to set them up for a fully successful recovery. This is the last step before the individual can return to living independently.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment for an addiction, do not hesitate to contact the drug treatment centers in Florida.